Welcome to my online showroom. This is a place for me to show off the best of my work and for you to enjoy looking through. Maybe like me, North Devon is your favourite place in the world, or you just like nice photographs showing our landscape at its best.

Each picture is a story in itself, and I am sure you as the viewer have many stories about each of these locations, places and views. If you do, I'd love to hear about them.

When taking photos, I always think very carefully about what will be in the picture and its composition. I like to capture images that make you think, which is why I regard my work as Photo Art. Sometimes when looking on social media a lot of the resolution and detail is lost, so looking through this website allows you to see the pictures in all their glory and detail. Click on any photo and have a proper look.

If you love North Devon and my photographs, you can purchase any of them in many formats in my online shop.  All pictures are produced to match the scene as I saw it at the time. They are captured with high resolution equipment and can be made into very large artworks to enjoy for many years.

Every picture on this website when sold comes with an accompanying story providing a little bit of background, including where and when it was taken. I will be constantly adding new pictures, so please keep checking in!

My logo is a tribute to my little dog Poppy, made from my initials. Poppy helped inspire me to get out and about and enjoy the landscape, and also to see its beauty in a different way. On many occasions, she was able to enhance the landscape, as is my dog Ollie. Click my logo above to see their pictures and be inspired too.



A collection of pictures from around Woolacombe and Mortehoe, this is the location where I go to take pictures the majority of the time and the area I know best.  I first started exploring around this area around 2012 and have pretty much covered every path and know every view.  This helps a lot when deciding where to go to take my next picture.


One of the amazing wonders about this location is that the sun sets to the left of Lundy Island when viewed from Woolacombe during the Autumn/Winter months (after the Autumn equinox) and to the right during the Spring/Summer months (after the Spring equinox).  This mean I can capture very contrasting views depending on the season.


After I moved to North Devon in 2018, I started to explore more.  This is a collection of pictures from all around this region including Exmoor, Lynton, Lynmouth and the Heddon Valley, also Ilfracombe and Saunton Sands.

Often these pictures are taken whilst on walks when I see stand out weather or views develop in front of me as I wander along with my dog. Other times, I'll head out at a specific time with a certain picture in mind, but that rarely goes to plan!



don't really class myself as a wildlife photographer at all, I just don't have the patience.  So, instead I'll rely on chance encounters and if I see a great picture, I'll try and get it.  Of course, in North Devon we're spoilt for choice of wildlife, so I've managed to collect a few beautiful images.



This collection is a set of minimalist pictures that show a clear subject that can take the mind away to somewhere else.  I have a particular love for this type of photo, especially if it combines the beauty of colours and patterns in nature.  Many of these pictures could have been taken anywhere as there is no clear landmark - they are all however, in North Devon.