Coastal Artwork

This collection is a set of minimalist pictures that show a clear subject that can take the mind away to somewhere else. I have a particular love for this type of picture, especially if it combines the beauty of colours and patterns in nature. Many of these pictures could have been taken anywhere as there is no clear landmark, they are all however in North Devon.

Sunset over Left Lundy from Woolacombe
March 2020 - Taken just before lockdown in one of my last visit to Woolacombe Beach for a while. I was poised on the beach ready to try and capture the sun setting behind the lighthouse as it traversed downward over Lundy. That picture didn’t quite work out in the end, but I loved the symmetry of this picture with the orange of the sky and beach with the sun breaking the symmetry offset to the left.
Budding Sea Thrift in Evening Sunlight
April 2020 - This picture was taken during lockdown on an evening walk along the coast path. It was not possible to travel to my usual places, so I was trying to focus on the beauty of the local plant-life especially when it was lit by the wonderful sunsets we were getting. Sea Thrift in springtime is always one of my favourite photograph
subjects and the two-tone orange and black compliment each other perfectly!
Mirror Beach
November 2015 - Late Autumn (Bonfire Night) on Woolacombe beach, when the sun sets more towards Baggy Point. Often when the tide is going out the water leaves a beautiful mirror on the beach which is always perfect for symmetrical pictures like this. In this image, the sun is framed by the darker cloud that contrasts the blue in the sky and the green on Woolacombe Down nicely. Try a picture like this yourself!
Sunset over Lundy with POWERFUL Lighthouse
March 2019
Silky Silver
May 2016 - The colour on this picture (and all of my pictures) has not been adjusted. It was an extremely grey day when I turned up on Woolacombe beach with my camera. The silvery feel of the image along with the tiny paddle-boarder and canoe make it really appealing. It also proves that no matter how grey the day is, you should always take your camera!
Woolacombe Beach Sunset with Birds and S
Mill Rock at High Tide
Lundy with Grey Sea and Clouds Frame
Atlantic Paddleboarder
August 2017 - The sun makes some amazing patterns on the sea, especially when it starts to get low in the sky and changes coluour. This particulr day, I was high up on Morte Point and had a nice long zoom lens. This paddle-boarder moved accross the sunset sea patterns and made a beautifully tranquil picture. I often wonder what it would have been like to be in his shoes (or on his board!).
Sunray Sailboat
April 2017 - This photo was taken from the window of my house at that time. The sunrays coming down through the clouds and lighting up parts of the sea was really
stricking. Look closely and you’ll see a tiny sailboat in the middle of the image on the sea. This really adds to the power of the picture and emphasises the enormity of mother nature over the sailboat. It would make a great larger format picture!
Sea Thrift About to BURST into Flower
May 2018 - Sea Thrift makes a colourful addition to many parts of the North Devon coast in late spring. Usually starting to bud in early May and flowers through May and into June. This particular image was taken at Bennett’s Mouth near Mortehoe. The cliffs and the sea can be seen blurred into the background and compliment the pink flowers beautifully.
Dune Mushroom
August 2016 - If you very look closely, it is amazing what you’ll find in the dunes around
Woolacombe. Around August time for example, you may spot a mushroom! This one was a particularly large and photogenic mushroom enjoying the sunshine by the sea and casting an amazing lollipop shadow in the sand. The majesty of the mushroom amongst the chaotic dune grass made a really appealing picture.
Sun-kissed sea next to Lundy Over Torrs
September 2018 - Holdstone Down is one of the highest points of this part of North Devon (349M). From the top you can see the hills of Exmoor, the tops of the valleys leading down to Lynmouth and Heddon plus Countisbury to the East. To the west you can see Lundy Island, 12 miles off the coast of Devon. Here, the sun kisses the sea and a beautiful silhouette featuring the Ilfracombe Torrs is seen.
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