North Devon

Purple Heather on Exmoor over Watersmeet
July 2017 - The walks around Countisbury enjoy some stunning views because of its high position. The views generally look over towards the Channel or over Exmoor.
In this case we’re looking back towards Exmoor and down into the trees of the Lyn Valley. At the bottom of the valley is the Watersmeet garden. The image was taken in August when the beautiful purple Heather is at its beautiful best.
Exmoor Coastline View to Foreland Point
June 2018 - This image includes many great features of the Exmoor coastal landscape with its large rocky cliffs. Taken in mid summer after a long period of warm dry weather and in the late evening sunlight giving the landscape a golden appearance. The picture also features Lee Abbey and the distinctive Valley of the Rocks with its evening shadows cast behind. In the distance is Foreland Point Lighthouse.
White Thatched Cottages with Rising Sun
September 2019 - This is a prominient row of thatched cottages on the corner of Lynmouth
opposite the harbour. The flowers and signs in the late summer sun really stand out against the white of the buildings and the picket fence. The buildings contain popular attractions including the Harbourside cafe on the corner and the Rising Sun Hotel.
Sunset Over Ilfracombe From Hillsborough
June 2018 - This picture was taken from Hillsborough which offers many excellent views over Ilfracombe and beyond as you climb the path to the summit. This was an early summer sunset which cast its beautiful light on some of the higher sea facing buildings and also the wildflowers in the foreground. The sea and sky were lit an amazing orange which contrasted the mainly green land perfectly!
Sunset through Swallow Hole from Hele
Saunton Sunset
July 2019 - A beautiful warm summer evening at Saunton Sands, the picture was taken at 8:40pm. At this time of year, the sun sets over Saunton Down which was perfect for getting this picture including both the beach huts and the sun. As the sun was low, it created the shadows on the sand in front of the beach huts and there was a warm glow which made the bright colours stand out proudly.
Watersmeet Robin
October 2018 - Everyone who knows Watersmeet knows the birds that gather around the tables, on the fences and posts. Usually it’s Blue Tits, Great Tits, Chaffinches, Nuthatches and of course Robins. It’s a great highlight of a visit to try and capture a picture of a bird close up. This particular Robin seemed happy to pose for pictures on the fence for a long time and seemed to want to show off its best red side!
Ilfracombe Harbour Dusk
June 2018 - The tide here in Ilfracombe\North Devon has the second highest rise and fall in the world, so at low tide the water completely drains out of this harbour making a completely different image. This picture at dusk on an early summer evening, captures the boats bobbing on the shiny surface of the water and the reflection of the lights. To the right is Verity standing proudly at the busy harbour entrance.
Sunset Over Ilfracombe with Pink Flowers
View to Holdstone Down from Great Hangma
Blue Day at Heddon’s Mouth Mouth
May 2018 - This lime kiln found on the beach at Heddon's Mouth was originally restored by
National Trust in 1982. In the 19th century, limestone and coal were brought across the Bristol Channel and burnt in the kiln to make the lime needed to counteract the acidity of the local soil. Get there by strolling through ancient woodland alongside the River Heddon, between some of England's highest cliffs.
Summer Sunset from Highveer Point
June 2018 - There’s two paths that lead from the Heddon Valley towards Woody Bay. This was on the higher path, looking over the valley to the opposite peak and
across the Channel to the setting sun. It was during the very hot period in
the summer of 2018, on the same day as the picture Coastline View to Foreland Point. A ship can be seen sailing towards the sunset and Atlantic Ocean.
Trentishoe Colourful Coast Path
August 2018 - One of the most amazing walks in the area at any time, but especially this time of year where the yellow of the Gorse and the purple of the Heather are out at the same time. A sunny day where the blue of the sea and sky also complimented the other colours. The path here goes down steeply, then hugs the amazing coastline which eventually ends up winding around the cliffs seen in the distance.
Broadsands Beach on Cloudy Day
Lynmouth at Low Tide
September 2019 - Like many views in North Devon, they can vary massively depending on whether the tide is in or out. The tide can vary by up to 10 meters! This image was taken when the tide was out from the end of the harbour wall and looks back towards the village. On the far left of the picture is the old Torrs Hotel and towards the right is the Rhenish Tower under which you have to walk to get to this position.
Orange Sunset over Ilfracombe
Low Tide Lynmouth
September 2019 - The river Lyn starts its journey from up on the hills of Exmoor and joins
the sea here at Lynmouth. This picture is looking over the river facing towards the foot bridge in front of the harbour in the distance. The picturesque
buildings line the street opposite and contain some popular shops, cafes and
Hunters Inn
May 2018 - The instantly recognisable Hunters Inn, a welcome sight after or during a long walk in the area. Here on a spectacular sunny May day where the bright blue sky complements its features Opened in this form (after a fire) in 1906 and it was
designed to resemble a swiss chalet. The feathers in the sign signify its link to the local peacocks which live here. It was acquired by the National Trust in 2018.
Ilfracombe Harbour
Sunny Day at the Cliff Railway
October 2019 - The cliff railway between Lynton and Lynmouth runs from February to
November each year. This picture shows the Lynton stop on a sunny autumn day. The beautiful flowers are still proudly on display and compliment the green of the cliff railway buildings and the bunting hanging above. When this was taken, the carriage was full with passengers ready to start their journey to Lynmouth.
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After I moved to North Devon in July of 2018, I started to explore more. This is a collection of pictures from all around this region including Exmoor, Lynton, Lynmouth and the Heddon Valley, also Ilfracombe and Saunton Sands.


Often these pictures are taken whilst on walks when I see amazing weather or views develop in front of me as I wander along with my dog. Other times, I'll head out at a specific time with a certain picture in mind, but that rarely goes to plan!

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