Woolacombe and Mortehoe

A collection of pictures from around Woolacombe and Mortehoe, this is the location where I go to take pictures the majority of the time and the area I know best.  

One of the amazing wonders about this location is that the sun sets to the left of Lundy Island when viewed from Woolacombe during the Autumn\Winter months (after Autumn equinox) and to the right during the Spring\Summer months (after the Spring equinox).  

Putsborough Sunset
March 2020 - Following storms over the winter, a lot of rocks along the whole beach had been uncovered and the dunes had also been battered destroying a lot of sea facing dune grass. This picture was taken from the dunes and at the bottom is a makeshift sand path heading over the rocks and leading onto the beach. The sunset here was beautifully lighting up the clouds + sand, grasses and rocks below.
Rainbow Landing on Golden Sands
March 2020 - One of those days when one moment the sun was out and the next it was raining. Returning from a muddy dog walk to the end of Baggy Point, I looked across the bay to see part of a rainbow forming. There wasn’t a complete rainbow out of
picture. This has everything I love, the lines of waves, a bit of Morte Point, Woolacombe village and the end of the rainbow landing near the golden sands.
Sunset Over Lee from Mill House
May 2020 - Taken during a long lockdown walk from Ilfracombe, I was actually heading to
Bennett’s Mouth further along the coast. As I got to Lee, I waited and watched as the sun crept around the rocks on the far side of the bay. As the sun was broken as it fell between the rocks it made the beautiful star. I also loved how the sea and sky were complimented by the old block-work of the Lee’s landmark, Mill House.
Beach Huts with Baggy Point - Pano
September 2018 - The beach huts at Woolacombe always make a colourful picture between May and September. Added to the sunset, it makes a gorgeous image. This is two
pictures made into a panoramic to fit both the sun and the beach huts together.
I love how the golden light of the sun can be seen on the white of the beach huts. All huts have ladies names and the first red one on the left is Elizabeth :-)
Snowy Springtime in Woolacombe
March 2018 - Snow in Woolacombe is pretty rare, but in 2018 there were several heavy falls thanks to ‘the beast from the east’. This picture was taken from the top of
Potters Hill where there were great views over the whole of the village covered in the white stuff. It was a grey day, the sun never actually put in an appearance, but it is possible to make out most of Woolacombe’s wonderful landmarks.
Golden Sunset over Woolacombe
July 2016 -The colour of the sunsets in Woolacombe seems to vary depending on
conditions. On this occasion it was overcast until the very end of the day when the sun just dipped below the clouds and cast a beautiful golden light. The light
complemened the golden sands and the dune grass perfectly. Also in the picture is Mill Rock and the Lifesavers Hut which is setup during the summer months.
Spring Gorse over Rockham Beach
April 2017 -The Gorse in springtime is a wonderful coastal feature in this area. Its yellow flowers can be extremely bright and when concentrated in one location can look really striking. Here is a beautiful example above Rockham beach. A glimpse of the beach can be seen in the middle of the picture. The coast path can also be seen winding its way over the rocks and towards Morte Point in the distance.
Sunset over Morte Point
April 2017 -During the summer months, the sun sets over the tip of Morte Point when viewed from the Woolacombe direction. One of its many paths can be seen leading down towards a gate and the sheep in the distance. The yellow of the Gorse beautifully compliments the setting sun next to the Island of Lundy and the path leads you invitingly towards the orange glow.
Sunset from Woolacombe Beach Huts
May 2017 - The huts are on the beach between May and September. They are removed each year to protect them from the strong winds and high tides at other times
of the year. This picture was taken in late spring when the sun sets towards Morte Point. The sun cast a golden light which reflected beautifully from the white frames of the huts and from the sand. The first yellow hut was ‘Rachel’.
Woolacombe Down Junction
April 2018 -The spring Gorse is a beautiful yellow and brightens any walk around the
coast. This picture was taken following a walk over Woolacombe Down from Potters Hill and the question to ask when you get here is, do you turn right to loop back to Woolacombe along Marine Drive or carry on to Putsborough!
Either way, it’s the right choice.
Golden Fence Woolacombe
September 2019 - This fence is only here during the spring and summer periods to protect the dunes. On this occassion as I walked down the main dune path onto the beach, it was lit in this beautiful golden colour. The fence was complimented by the golden glow and is shown here leading towards the village in the distance. The fence also cast beautiful pattered shadows into the sand behind.
Woolacombe from Mill Rock
April 2019 - Mill Rock on Woolacombe beach is a popular spot to spend some time and can provide a bit of shelter from the sun or wind. On this day, the rocks were lit up beautifully by the sun. I love patterns in photography, if you look closely, you will see wavy wind patterns on the dry sand in the foreground. All is complemented by the beautiful blue sky on this wonderful spring day.
Fire and Water at Baggy Point
February 2019 -During the winter months from Woolacombe, the sun sets over Baggy Point. This was the end of a breezy day which made the tails on the waves. As the sun set behind the waves, the combination of water and fire really caught the eye. The orange of the sun, sky and reflections combined with the blue of the water make a beautiful image. The four birds dotted around were an added bonus!
Good Morning from Barricane Beach-2
June 2018 - Pictured on a glorious morning, a popular destination for many unique reasons. The most notable are the unusually Shelly makup of the beach where others around are all sand and the shelter it offers especially on a windy day. Of course most noteworthy for many is the Sri Lankan curry that is provided from the hut, where you can also see the menu here to choose your next order!
Poppy Overlooking Woolacombe at Sunset
October 2015 - My dog Poppy and I love to explore the landscape around North Devon. When you reach the high points of some of the walks the views are breathtaking even for dogs. So sometimes you just have to sit and enjoy.
From this particular location you can not only see over to Baggy Point and Hartland, but also over Morte Point and to Wales in the opposite direction.
Ponies on Potters Hill at Sunset 2
Wildflowers and a Summer Sunset
Sea Mist Over Morte Point
April 2015 - Sunsets from Morte Point are always amazing as wherever you stand, if the sun is out, you’re guaranteed to witness it set over the sea. On this particular occasion however, sea mist had gathered around Morte Point and the sun looked like it
had set down into the clouds. As the sky turned orange, it complemented the yellow gorse perfectly creating a magical image looking down through the gate.
Woolacombe Beach Reflections with Busy Beach
August 2018 - This image was captured on the same afternoon as picture ‘Woolacombe Beach Huts Reflections’. This time we’re facing towards the village where we can see
a number of houses and landmarks reflected, including the Red Barn, the Beachcomber Cafe, the swings and of course the world famous Tourist
Information Centre!
Mortehoe Dusk
August 2016 - During the summer months, the sun will set over Morte Point when observing from the Woolacombe direction. On this day, the sun had set a few minutes before and the sky turned a beautiful red\pink. With a long exposure on the camera, the light trails of the cars going in opposite directions along the road match the colours in the sky perfectly.
Golden Sunset from Woolacombe Down
July 2019 - A familiar gate to anyone that’s walked beyond Potters Hill towards Woolacombe Down and Putsborough. The gate is the entry to a fantastic walk over the Down with spectacular views over the Bay. This was a golden summer sunset looking down from the stone wall (upon which I was stood), with wildflowers, the gate, along the path towards the beach, sea, the village and Morte Point.
Mirror Puddle on Woolacombe Beach
Putsborough Sunset
Woolacombe Framed by Sand and Clouds
Winter Sunset from Black Cloud Hill
Stormy Woolacombe Beach
Mirror Beach Huts at Woolacombe
August 2018 - When the tide is on its way out, it always leaves a thin layer of water on the
sand. These pictures are very easy to capture even on a phone and look
really effective. This image was taken on a warm August afternoon when there were lots of holidaymakers still enjoying their beach huts. The colours of the beach huts are framed neatly by the dunes and Potters Hill in the background.
Red Barn Sunset - Woolacombe
December 2019 - Taken during Christmas week when the sun is pretty much furthest around and sets over Baggy Point. I particuarly loved how the light from the sun in the
distance casts itself onto the Red Barn sign and the door. The scene and the Open sign is inviting you in for a drink and some fun! So, when you look at this picture, I’d like you to imagine walking in for your favourite drink to enjoy this view.
Rain Clouds Gather over Bull Point
Woolacombe Morning from Baggy Point
April 2019.- This picture was taken from Baggy Point fairly early in the morning. I was there to take pictures of the parkrun where, from here, the runners looked like ants making their way along the beach. Whilst there, this image caught my eye with my zoom lens. I loved the patterns of the waves on the sea, the big beach being prepared by the Parkin Estates tractor and the village in the morning sunlight.
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