April 2019 - This picture was taken from Baggy Point fairly early in the morning. I was there to take pictures of the parkrun where, from here, the runners looked like ants making their way along the beach. Whilst there, this image caught my eye with my zoom lens. I loved the patterns of the waves on the sea, the big beach being prepared by the Parkin Estates tractor and the village in the morning sunlight.

Wood Framed Picture - 400 x 500mm - Good Morning Woolacombe from Baggy

    • Each individual picture is printed on high quality photo pearl paper and has a high resolution finish.

    • The full size of the mount is 400x500mm.  The external size of the frame is larger.

    • Each apperture is approx 300x400mm.

    • The colour options for the mounts is white.

    • On the reverse of all mounts is a description of each picture including where and when they were taken.  These match the descriptions on this website.

    • All mounts come signed with initials and place name written in pencil.

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